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Castle Claims Service is a multi-line independent adjusting company servicing the insurance industry.

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Steve has worked in the insurance claims industry for 35 years. Before joining us at Castle Claims Service in 2001, he worked for Bonded Services Corporation for 23 years as a property estimator, working with insurance companies, claims adjusters, and the insured. This background has helped him to become an experienced adjuster as well as an asset to our company.

Steve is a very well organized and knowledgeable adjuster who keeps the insured well informed about their claim. Steve received the Registered Professional Adjuster (RPA) designation, which requires yearly Continuing Education (CE) classes to achieve and maintain this accreditation. Over the past year, Steve has taken part in CE classes including Blackwater, Insurance Premium Finance, Fire Damage Restoration, and even Xactimate 27 Training. Steve is currently completing requirements to become a licensed property adjuster in the state of New York. His drive to become better-educated in the claims industry has helped him to become a standout adjuster.

Steve shared with us what makes his job memorable, "Just like teachers from our past, you usually remember the tough ones, and learn the most from them. Usually, these claims involved a family that was displaced after a fire damaged their home. After several months of relocating, they are thankful when they can reoccupy their homes. The fact that I was a part of getting them back to normal living is quite satisfying."

We asked what the biggest changes to the industry have been. "Technology, especially with the remote access and laptop computers. Also, we no longer have to wait 3-4 days to get our 35mm photos developed, so being digital, initial reports are able to be done much quicker."

Steve described for us his favorite part of his job. "The fact that, although you have your office time, you're also on the road meeting new people every day."

Thanks, Steve, for being such a great member of the Castle Claims Service team!

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