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Don Schleicher, an adjuster from our Pittsburgh Office, has been with Castle Claims Service for over 30 years with a total of 48 years of experience. Don graduated from St. Mary's College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, afterward pursuing his graduate education at Duquesne University in their Master's Program studying Philosophy of Science. He began his insurance career at the Insurance Company of North America as an adjuster and continued in the adjusting field working for other companies like Mizerak Adjusting Company and Castle Claims Service. Don continues to keep informed and current in the industry; he has received the Registered Professional Adjuster (RPA) designation which requires yearly continuing education hours.

We asked Don what the biggest industry change has been. Don responded, "The updated use of technology. When I first started, all reports were hand written; then dictated on records or belts, then cassettes, digital recordings, now emails; from writing appraisals by hand from a sheet of costs, to computer generated reports. Also, we used to visit each insurer at their local office; now, we have customers across the country, known only by name or email address. Personal interactions have changed."

He also states that the most difficult aspect of adjusting is balancing time between field work and office work. Time management is a skill learned only through trial and error. His favorite part of the job is the different experiences new claims bring: a new type of loss, a town he has not been in before, a change of scenery on a drive. Lastly, Don explained his most memorable claim: "The first one I inspected with my trainer. It was at a church in Natrona Heights. A car lost control and drove through a curtain wall front into the basement. I still think of that every time I drive through the area."

Mark Blackburn added that Don has a wealth of knowledge which companies can utilize when assigning claims to him. He never passes on a claim and always looks forward to his next assignment. He has a work ethic that is hard to find and he is a wonderful asset to Castle Claims Service.

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