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Our Claims Process

  1. checklistAssignments are received via email, fax, phone, or online submission. Upon receipt of the claim, an adjuster will be assigned and the company will be sent an acknowledgement.
  2. Contact policyholder within 24 hours of receiving assignment.
  3. Schedule inspection of claim within 48 hours to scope the damage, secure paper information, statements etc.
  4. Report to company according to their specific guidelines with estimate, suggested reserve, payment instruction or further direction for investigation.
  5. Monthly reporting to policyholders on a 30-day basis in accordance with the Unfair Claims Practice Act of Pennsylvania.
  6. When requested, we will secure an agreed price with the policyholder or a contractor on property claims.
  7. We secure settlement forms such as non-waivers, proof of loss, and subrogation receipts, if requested.
  8. Liability Claims -We conduct field inspections and secure statements from involved parties.
  9. In all cases, the above claim process will be designed to meet each individual company's instructions. If you are interested in a tailored assignment service, please contact Mark Blackburn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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